Virtual Production Studio Unleashing the Power of VP The Future of Filmmaking Multidimensional Production Innovation Redefined Embrace the Digital Frontier Beyond Reality Creating Cinematic Magic LED Your Dreams Become Reality

Virtual Production Studio Unleashing the Power … … of Virtual Production The Future of … … Filmmaking Multidimensional … … Production Innovation Redefined Embrace the Digital … … Frontier Beyond Reality Creating Cinematic … … Magic LED Your Dreams … … Become Reality

The Perfect Virtual Production Solution

Film & Series

At, we bridge the realms of imagination and reality for filmmakers through our advanced Virtual Production facility. Our LED walls, coupled with the Unreal Engine, provide a canvas for real-time, immersive storytelling, transforming any envisioned world into a visual spectacle right before your eyes. The interactive, efficient setup not only streamlines the production process but also opens doors to endless creative possibilities. With, transcend traditional filmmaking boundaries, save valuable time and resources, and step into a new era of cinematic excellence. Your narrative vision, amplified by cutting-edge technology, awaits.

Ads & Commercials

In a realm where attention is the golden currency, businesses require inventive avenues to distinguish themselves from the competition. Our is at your service for both photo shoots and commercial film productions. Here, you can unveil your advertising narratives within a comprehensive three-dimensional space, leveraging the myriad advantages virtual production extends in terms of flexibility and efficiency.

Be it on a serene beach, aboard a spaceship, atop a rooftop, amidst a bustling street cafe, or in the heart of New York, Rio, or Tokyo – you command the scene, anytime, anywhere. Our is a fountain of inspiration, invigorating us daily, and it's poised to do the same for you. furnishes the visual potency and adaptability indispensable for propelling your advertising campaigns into the limelight.

Broadcast & Streaming

Within the broadcasting domain, our has already emerged as a new titan during the recent Magenta TV FIFA World Championship. Connected to a 2110 standard broadcast hub, is revolutionizing the visuals of live events, sports, news, and streaming content.

Our team crafts mesmerizing backdrops, while real-time capabilities infuse vitality into virtual graphics. Beyond aesthetics, the setup is also interactive, integrating AR features, and champions sustainability by reducing power consumption and waste. With enhanced streaming capabilities, our is instrumental in rendering broadcasts more dynamic and accessible.


The fusion of gamification with virtual production intertwines the captivating facets of gaming with the meticulous processes of film and TV production. Our excels by weaving game mechanics seamlessly into virtual production, transforming your projects into interactive, efficient, and immersive experiences that unveil entirely new visual aesthetics and creative horizons. This amalgamation not only elevates the creative workflow but also pioneers a novel approach to visual storytelling, revolutionizing the manner in which narratives are envisioned and conveyed.


Step into, the new vanguard of the event domain, where every concert and conference is a canvas awaiting a splash of visual magnificence. Our virtual production technology breathes life into your product launches, press conferences, or festive gatherings, ensnaring the senses of your audience. Whether it's a keynote speech by your CEO or a lively host on stage, our on-the-fly previews ensure a harmonious visual ambiance tailored to every moment. Morphing effortlessly to match any theme, is your versatile companion.

Hosting at our Ziegelei101 venue? Let extend into your lounge or chill-out zone, adding a dash of digital magic to every corner. Explore the boundless possibilities.


In our talent development initiative, technical knowledge, creative exploration, and teamwork take center stage. Our training programs provide you with the opportunity to gain expertise in this emerging field. You will familiarize yourself with the intricacies of LED volume technology, explore creative approaches, and collaborate on team projects. Learn more about our offerings to enhance your skills and expand your expertise.

Unlimited MULTI - CAMERA Broadcast

The use of multiple cameras is essential in certain applications within the film and broadcast industry. 

Film productions with shot-reverse-shot situations, sports broadcasts, and television shows employ multicamera setups to capture every moment from various angles.

In this process, the 3D content displayed on the LED wall must be instantly calculated in the correct perspective for the active camera.

Our multicamera setup can orchestrate an unlimited number of cameras and consistently generate accurate images.

Augmented Reality and Set Extensions

The use of Augmented Reality (AR) in our opens up exciting new perspectives for utilizing the 3D-generated  Unreal environments.

The size of the LED wall is no longer limiting but is expanded through digital set extensions.

Our Augmented Reality solution enhances your content and creates a 360° spatial experience for an impressive end result.

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In addition to its creative and practical advantages, virtual production with LED walls also contributes to sustainability efforts within the film industry. By reducing the reliance on physical sets and locations, virtual production minimizes the environmental impact associated with transportation, construction waste, and energy consumption. The use of LED walls promotes energy efficiency, as they consume less power compared to traditional lighting setups. Furthermore, the elimination of physical set construction reduces the consumption of scarce resources and decreases waste generation. By embracing virtual production with LED walls, filmmakers can play a part in creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly film industry, aligning with the growing global focus on environmental responsibility.

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